Are words enough to stop Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? | Inside Story

US President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union since he became president.
And much is expected of him at home.
The economy, health care, unemployment and crime are just some of the many challenges on his agenda.
But he opened his speech with the crisis unfolding in Ukraine, and it featured heavily, including his views on Russian President Vladimir Putin, and a new set of sanctions on Moscow’s elite.
The U.S. president warns the Russian leader has no idea what’s coming.
But beyond threats and sanctions, what can the U.S. do to stop Russia’s attacks on Ukraine?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Aaron Kall, editor and co-author of ’The State of the Union is… Memorable Addresses of the Last Sixty Years’
Kira Rudik, Ukrainian member of parliament
Robert Hunter, former US Ambassador to NATO

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