Can a new Conservative PM restore confidence in the UK? | Inside Story

The United Kingdom is set to have its third Prime Minister in less than a year.
Liz Truss resigned on Thursday, just 44 days into the job.
Her economic policies had spooked the markets and caused a sharp fall in the pound against the U.S. dollar.
A new leader now faces formidable economic and political challenges.
Government debt has risen to its highest levels in nearly 60 years. That’s 98% of economic output as inflation surges.
And there’s the unfinished task of navigating the implications of Brexit.
The opposition Labour party is calling for a new general election.

Presenter: Sami Zeidan
Afzal Khan – Labour Party MP
Peter Oborne – Political Commentator and Associate Editor at the Middle East Eye
Alex Deane – Conservative Party Member and Political Commentator

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