Why are farmers in the Netherlands angry? | Inside Story

Farmers in the Netherlands are angry
They’re rejecting laws that regulate emissions produced by livestock, but will have a major impact on the farming community and the larger economy.
The Netherlands has failed to meet its emissions reduction targets – so permits for new homes and roads have not been granted since 2019, to prevent further pollution.
And the government has introduced tough new rules.
Its $100-billion food export industry – one of the biggest in the world – could be badly affected.
So, what will this climate policy mean for global food supplies?

Presenter: Rob Matheson


Jeroen Van Maanen – Dairy Farmer and Protest Organiser.

Natasja Oerlemans – Food and Agriculture Expert at the World Wide Fund for Nature Netherlands.

Theo Mandersloot – Broker in agriculture commodities at AGRACOM.

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